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While developing nodes for Vuo, is there any way to skip the steps of stopping the composition, reopening the editor and running the composition again?
It takes quite a long time to do this every time.

Is there maybe a way to recompile and run the test composition on the command line with a single command, without opening the editor etc. ?

I think this request is related and could be a future solution to the problem: "Edit node C code in the Vuo Editor […]"



@jvolker, yes, from the

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jvolker, yes, from the command line you can do this:

vuo-export macosx YourComposition.vuo && open YourComposition.app

(The vuo-export command is included with the SDK. Check out the Command Line Tools chapter in the manual.)

Regarding automatically reloading nodes in Vuo Editor — I'd like to see that happen, too. I created a feature request for you; it's now open for community voting.