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"Particle System" patch


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Created on behalf of https://vuo.org/poll/graphics/201404. Team Vuo pledged 28 votes based on this feature's rank in that poll.
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●●○○ — A few weeks of work


●●○ — Could expand community


Quite frankly, this has been

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Quite frankly, this has been one of the top most requested things I've ever really wanted in VUO. Many other visual related programs do have particle emitters and to my surprise, VUO still doesn't officially. We're hitting version 2.0 and I sincerely wish that this sort of functionality would be present. Particles in particular are useful as quick ways of producing incredible visuals, it allows to create natural looking elements and otherwise. It has many uses if versatile.

I sincerely thank VJSatoshi's contribution in regards to the particle system nodes, but it appears the module's not working anymore in the latest beta, which prompted me to write this in the first place.

I couldn't agree more. For my

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I couldn't agree more. For my students working in the blend of technology, live performance and real-time interactivity, the particle emitter nodes from VJSatoshi have been magical. Now, it would appear that particular strategy is no longer available in 2.0. If there is any way to updateVJSatoshi's, or build a new particle emitter node, I too would be most appreciative.

I do want to add, however, the improvements in 2.0 are fantastic!


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