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Excellent, doesn't seem to be

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Excellent, doesn't seem to be anything available on the Mac yet to do this but there are those who have done it for their own projects, for example https://phoboslab.org/log/2009/07/uvc-camera-control-for-mac-os-x There are a whole bunch of USB cameras out there that support control through UVC, I have this one http://www.elpcctv.com/-p-251.html I can control it from a few Windows apps, but nothing on Mac that I can find. Want t use it for a camera based projection mapping project ... would be great in Vuo. :-)

Paul I've used the camera

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Paul I've used the camera control app you mentioned before but it stopped working in later versions of OSX. I switched to Webcam Settings and have used that from time-to-time. Depending on the webcam you use it has many possible controls for exposure, focus, white balance, colour controls, flicker control, and ways to override apps like Skype that try to take control of the camera.

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