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I was wondering ... With

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I was wondering ... With Microsoft's Build 2015 announcements concerning universal apps and the bridges for Android and iOS compositions, is it going to simplify your work in any way ?

I mean thanks to "Project Islandwood" iOS Xcode projects will normally be convertible for the Visual Studio product which will have an objective-C compiler and export windows apps, and as the Vuo roadmap eventually will support iOS apps, I was wondering if depending on how Vuo will export these iOS apps, to convert them in Windows Apps using Project Islandwood could be a temporary bridge before a full support for Windows apps.

But as I don't know much about languages I might be completely wrong.

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When we (Team Vuo) plan each release, we try to implement as many of the community's top-voted feature requests as we have time for.

If anyone would like to help this happen sooner, we're also accepting open source contributions and commissioned work.

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