Going beyond the current Make Audio Wave node.


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Yes — requires a Vuo Pro license


●●●○ — A few months of work


●●○ — Could expand community


It would be a good start to

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It would be a good start to have a vuo.audio.math node. You can do FM synthesis straight away.

Also - is it necessary to have different math nodes for audio and video? (I am guessing that control rate is very different) But couldn't the node self detect the format? Similar to list node?

@Steve(smokris) have you

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@Steve(smokris) have you looked into Csound or even PD? There are quite a few other open-source libraries that allow advanced audio to be integrated into apps etc. Would it be possible to get these (or one) to be Vuo's audio engine? May save lots of time as they are already very mature products.

I am unaware how that would work with Vuo license - however I am aware that Vuo already integrates many OpenSource projects already. Maybe this should be filed under another feature request?

UPDATE: after reading through

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UPDATE: after reading through the github code, I now realise that Vuo is using Gamma: https://github.com/LancePutnam/Gamma/issues Looks like it does pretty much everything we need.

However there still be merit in adding cSound as it has bindings in C as opposed to C++. cSound is very powerful for synthesis and has very advanced instruments built into it.

is it necessary to have

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is it necessary to have different math nodes for audio and video?

I think it would make sense to extend the math nodes to also operate on audio samples, so this feature request tentatively includes that.

I now realise that Vuo is using Gamma

We chose Gamma (BSD license) instead of Csound (LGPL) since the LGPL introduces additional technical and legal hurdles, both for Team Vuo and for people using Vuo. (So far, Vuo only uses LGPL in situations where there are no viable alternatives.)

So if there are specific features in Csound (but not already in Gamma) that you'd like to see in Vuo, we'd prefer to integrate equivalent non-(L)GPL libraries, or just write the code from scratch ourselves.

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