Would be really useful to be able to read/write simple text (txt) file to save and read preferences at startup of a composition.


Hi @volkerku

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Hi volkerku

khenkel released some nodes, including one to open text files. You can download them here : https://github.com/karl-/vuo-nodes

Concerning preferences at startup, if I understand you well, you might be interested in this feature request "A UI for storing and editing published input port values in exported apps" by ddelcourt

You can vote for it here : https://vuo.org/node/630

If I'm right that feature request is about the same thing.

PS : Sorry I cannot get to add page links using markdowns you must copy-past them in your browser.


Thanks I will definitely

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Thanks I will definitely check the nodes recommended, the text read node might just do it. From a CSV type text file one should be able to generate a list with values for preferences (text.split). Structured data node request goes further and probably needs more time to implement. I did vote for this one. cheers, v.