Has anyone tried making :



-Grids of Objects


What are the most efficient ways to do so?

I remember that there have been a couple compositions that have layers in grid form, but I am curious specifically about how to construct the grid and have:

-variable column and row

-same texture over all objects, or different textures render at each position. Is it possible to have each object crossfade between two different textures, and have each object crossfading at different times? As in, using a random structure or wave of some sort to control the texture crossfading.

-how to create a structure that uses random or sine waves to create generative colors, and have that structure change the color of each object in the grid

-how to have a structure change the scale or position offset of each object in the grid

-how to have different objects render at each position, and use random or waves to control the pattern of which object is rendering

With quads strips, I basically wonder, how to do it using built in nodes…and is there a way to texture them without making a custom node?


Hey @George_Toledo,

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Hey @George_Toledo,

Had been playing with colors to spread over 3D objects too. Here is the composition, perhaps it may help. It's not about Quadstrips and Splines but just about Grids of objects.

Align Objects in Grid allow custom Rows and columns. I'm spreading colors using a linear curve from 0-1 to an HSL node. For some reason that I don't understand the 1st object doesn't shade, perhaps I'm doing something wrong. But as make points along curve is a list, you could push whatever your desired structure.

I must admit I found Vuo quite complicated when it comes to Iterations and lists. I already found Quartz's iterations complicated, now I'm struggling here. Anyway, perhaps I just haven't played around enough with it yet to rule it. May come.

Let's see how iteration will evolve in Vuo. I'm thinking about that specific feature request here : Allow changing single-value ports to accept lists (turn most nodes into iterators).


We have a couple internal

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We have a couple internal feature requests related to this:

  1. A point interpolation node (give it a set of points, and it'll give you a larger set of output points, with linear or cubic-spline interpolation)
  2. Triangle Mesh and Triangle Strip Mesh nodes (similar to the existing Line Mesh and Line Strip Mesh nodes)

(Both should be pretty quick to implement now that we have the underlying framework in place, and they're both related to Vuo 1.2's "more 3D object primitives" headline feature, so I'll see if we can fit them in.)

In the meantime, khenkel has published a Make Mesh with Values node, which you could tweak to work with triangle strips instead of lone triangles.

Regarding giving each layer/object in a grid a custom color/image/shader/transform — I've attached a pair of examples showing how you could create or modify a layer/object using the Build List node. (When using Build List and Process List, it's important to keep stray events out of the feedback loop, hence the Hold Value nodes. Like Bodysoulspirit noted, the "Allow changing single-value ports to accept lists" feature request will help make this simpler to create. And it'll be pretty awesome to use in conjunction with subcompositions.)

(On Vuo 1.1.1 these two compositions perform poorly; I get 30fps and 12fps respectively since Vuo is creating and destroying a bunch of shader programs every frame. In Vuo 1.2, we've implemented a GL Program Object pool and they both run smoothly at 60fps.)