So I just downloaded an example composition from the Composition Gallery which included a .vuonode file alongside the .vuo file. However in order to run this, I have to move the .vuonode file inside my user library folder.

It would be great if vuo would automatically load up any .vuonode files contained within the current composition's directory to avoid having to do this, especially considering after viewing this example, I'd probably want to delete the node that I'd just installed into my Library anyway.

As a secondary thought, it would be amazing if there was a user settable location where Vuo would also load up nodes from. This way a user could sync their node custom library across multiple machines via Dropbox.


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i have votes now but there's

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i have votes now but there's so many great feature requests now!

if when opening the composition with in-built nodes would be good to get a dialogue asking if user desires that the nodes be copied to her User Nodes folder automatically for future use. With checkboxes for 'set my response as default' and 'don't show this dialogue again'.

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