Hello, I don't know if I call it correctly, but I have to create an "event rate limiter". I have USB MIDI controller which sends values in variable rates, up to 200 per second. I wanted to make a gate, which passes changing input value and fires event on change but not more often as, let's say, 30 times per second. Look at attached composition. Theoretically it should work but Allow First Event node passes not only first incoming event from "Event" port but also every event from "Reset" port. I wanted to allow every first event 30 times per second.

This limiter is very important for optimization. My MIDI Controller sometimes sends 200 events per second, so composition can't display all changes (due to display refresh rate) but computes them all. It decreases performance of my compositions.

I think we can request for creating a node which limits max event rate.

I don't know if I made myself clear, my English is not good enough maybe... Please give some feedback.