Allow compositions to be deployed as OpenFX plugins. Blackmagic Resolve NLE uses OpenFX.


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BlackMagic Design have

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BlackMagic Design have included OpenFX plugin support to Fusion 9 with VR (release August 1, 2017).

They've also dropped the price of Fusion from $995 to US$299, and you can install as many times as you like as rendering nodes for free. Fusion has a load of high-end compositing tools built in like a new planar tracker that can scan video footage and work out camera moves and focal lengths for AR and other comping effects. I don't know the OpenFX architecture and if it offers anything beyond what FXPlug offers in Motion, but Fusion looks considerably more powerful than Motion.

I'm not a user of Fusion but if there was a pathway to use my VUO comps as plugins it could make a good design tool, the way FCP & Motion will be for Vuo image effects when it can export FxPlug which has been choosen by Team Vuo (@root) to be implemented, hopefully it will be in the next major release, v1.3

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