As suggested by kingluma on Audio beat detection:

How about an Audio Reactor node that provided some appropriate visually based UI for offering precise control for how a specific audio element (within an audio file as it played in Vuo or a live audio input coming into Vuo) generated various outputs that could be used to drive other nodes. Basically something like a realtime version of this [ ] The youtube vid shows it as an After Effects keyframe generator and then later as a param group integrated into specific AE effects...

[example of audio element:] like what's going on at this point in that youtube movie ; some sort of visual representation of the audio (like frequency spectrum bars) and a simple UI for using a specific part of that audio to generate an output - I've used this "Beat Reactor" shown in that video and it allows for pretty easily generating an output based on a specific drum from a drum kit / percussion section or a specific instrument or voice and limiting it to a recurring beat/sound etc. - even in music / sound tracks that are already mixed - also good for generating glitchy animation based on sound effects of noisy sources like distorted electrical sounds etc.


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