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I'm trying to publish ports to be controlled in VDMX.

Numeric values are seemingly fine and appear as expected.

But how do you publish menu ports? Like the wave type on the Wave node for example, so it appears as a menu in VDMX.

This used to work in quartz composer Am i missing something?



@lumenav, as of VDMX version

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lumenav, as of VDMX version, it supports the following published port types: Integer, Real, Color, Boolean, 2D Point, and Text. VDMX doesn't yet support Vuo's menu ports.

In the meantime, you can modify your Vuo composition to convert the menu into an integer, then publish the integer port. For your Wave example, you could do it like this:

  • Create a Get Item from List node
  • Connect its output to the menu port (the "Wave" port in this case)
  • Add to the list each menu entry you'd like to be able to select from VDMX
  • Publish the "Which" port
  • Right-click on the published port in the sidebar, and select Edit Details
  • Set "Suggested Min" to 1, and "Suggested Max" to the number of menu entries in the list (3 in this case)

Then, in VDMX, you can drag the slider from 1 to 3, to switch between sine, triangle, and sawtooth:

Question in regards to

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Question in regards to Published Ports for Image Filter Protocols and published port behavior.

When creating Image Filter Protocol patches for VDMX. The Green "Image" Publish Input port doesn't create an access inside VDMX. If you create an additional published port from a node, and ignore the Green port you can access an input inside VDMX.

Is this correct? I would expect the Standard input port to be accessible in other apps.

Azy, Vuo's Image Filter

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Azy, Vuo's Image Filter compositions are meant to be placed in VDMX's vuoFX folder (/Users/<you>/Application Support/VDMX/vuoFX). Then in VDMX, you can find an FX panel and select the Vuo composition as an asset. VDMX will automatically feed the image through the Vuo composition.