A node that will return the current state of the Vuo editor/composition.

Such a node would know if the composition was being rendered- as opposed to running from the Vuo editor- or even if it is running as a stand alone app.

Very useful if interface elements control aspects of composition, (like mouse interaction) but are unable to have interaction during offline render.


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No — available with both Vuo CE and Vuo Pro


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@alexmitchellmus, in Vuo 1.1 and

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Waiting for review by Team Vuo
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alexmitchellmus, in Vuo 1.1 and up, when you're using the Image Generator protocol, you can publish a boolean port called offlineRender, which will tell you whether the composition is being run in realtime (false) or being exported (true). We just realized that's not in the manual yet; we'll add it.

Regarding differentiating between running in Vuo Editor and as a standalone exported app — could you provide some examples of when that would be useful to you?

To have the same

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To have the same functionality for an exported app could enable a user to switch off bug tracking aspects of their Vuo environment automatically. Such as print to console - or extra interface windows used during development.

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