How does one obtain a result out of the Get Scene node? I can't seem to get it to observe an event.

I have a folder named "rsc" at the root of my hd, and I'm writing things like:



For example, I've used the DisplaySquare composition as a starting point, attached the Fire on Start "started" output to the event port on the Get Scene, and pass the output of that to a Render Scene to Window. I've tried multiple models and obtained no results, save for a black viewer window.

Is the scene not normalized when it's imported this way? It seems that there needs to be some kind of controls for centering/normalization to world, etc. Or do I have to be using a scale/transform somehow?



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As of Vuo 0.5.0, FBX isn't supported yet. Here's the list of supported formats.

Is the scene not normalized when it's imported this way?

Correct, there isn't yet a way to automatically normalize the scene. For now you'll either need to save the mesh pre-scaled to Vuo coordinates (see below), or use the "Combine 3D Objects" with a transform.

Vuo coordinates

In Vuo coordinates, (0,0,0) is the center of the scene. The scene has a width of 2, with x-coordinate -1 on the left edge and 1 on the right edge. The scene's height is determined by its aspect ratio, with the y-coordinate increasing from bottom to top. The scene's camera is at (0,0,1), with the z-coordinate increasing from back to front.

Can it import DAE's?

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Can it import DAE's?

I tried that first... now I'm trying a DAE, and outputting that to a Combine 3D Objects that has a Make Transform attached and not having luck. I suspect I may have to see a photo of all the nodes that need to be involved.