Node that loads OpenCL or CUDA text code, similar to loading shader shader toy node.

Would enable super fast maths for mesh generation, or any processor intensive maths, (particlesystem? Flocking? Physics?)


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I've opened this feature

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Waiting for review by Team Vuo
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I've opened this feature request for community voting (however I removed CUDA from the title).

CUDA is NVIDIA-only; OpenCL is cross-vendor — so I'm thinking it would make more sense for Vuo to support OpenCL. Also, here are the GPUs in Apple's current product line:

Product GPU
MacBook Intel HD Graphics 5300
MacBook Air Intel HD Graphics 6000
MacBook Pro Intel Iris Graphics 6100, Intel Iris Pro Graphics, AMD Radeon R9 M370X
iMac Intel HD Graphics 6000, Intel Iris Pro Graphics 6200
Mac Pro AMD FirePro D300, AMD FirePro D500
Mac Mini Intel HD Graphics 5000, Intel Iris Graphics

(That is, you can't even buy a Mac that supports CUDA these days…)

We could also use OpenCL for

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We could also use OpenCL for audio computations. Very useful for a FFT function.

OpenCL is perfectly suited for physically modeled synthesis and scanning synthesis. In both cases we are simply using OpenCL to do maths on data structures and pushing out a wavetable, so not processing audio samples directly.

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