Paper Aphrodite Furry Einstein

More fun & games with the Lincoln 3D Scans by Oliver Laric. This composition takes four 3D models of famous people's heads and turns them into papery piñatas and furry chia pets.

Credit to Steve for showing me these effects, which I have shamelessly copied :) Also, since the original models are pretty huge, Steve kindly ran these models through MeshMixer and MeshLab to get them down to 50000 triangles.

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Video mixer controlled by Android/iOS

DIY video mixer controlled by Android/iOS

This is a video mixer that you can run on a Mac and control with a phone or tablet.

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Explore Sculpture

This composition interactively displays a sculpture by an unknown artist, retroactively titled "Nigerian Bird Figurine", from the Lincoln 3D Scans by Oliver Laric.

I thought this was one of the most interesting artworks among the Lincoln 3D Scans. Unfortunately I don't know much about the piece. The webpage says it's 56 cm tall, 19th century, and made of wood. Presumably it came from the area now called Nigeria, but I don't know which ethnic group or how it was acquired by the museum.

Composition and supporting files: 

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