Kinect v2 test

Kinect ONE v2 vs Kinect comparison

In the video I show a Kinect v2 for Windows connected to a MacMini running Win8.1. A customized version of KinectV2OSC streams skeleton data to my networked MacBook. There a Vuo patch shows my hands position, and a blue square is triggered when hands distance is low.

The same VUO patch gets the same data from a Kinect v1 connected to the macbook, thanks to NiMate. This way you can compare the two kinects: sounds that even with data coming from an external Windows, Kinect v2 data are anyway more reliable and with less latency.



Composition and supporting files: 

Reaction Diffusion and Land Erosion (vuonode + example composition)

This is a somewhat novel Reaction Diffusion simulation in that sequences of events can cause the appearance of land eroding, or a surface boiling.

After triggering spiral effect, areas of brighter intensity can form, which successive settings will appear to erode or boil away.


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