Two years ago, we ran a poll to help us understand which devices and protocols you, the Vuo community, wanted to see Vuo support.

We listened. As of Vuo 1.0, Vuo supports 13 of your top 16 requests, including OSC, MIDI, Syphon, Audio, Video, Images, Art-Net ArtDmx, Leap Motion, and Kinect — and we have more coming soon, like Serial I/O and USB HID.

So, now we'd like to know — which devices and protocols would you like Vuo to support next? Please choose your top 5. This poll will be open for 1 week.

In the list below, there are a few MIDI devices — since Vuo already supports MIDI, you can already use these devices. Vote for them if you'd like us to make all-in-one nodes that make these controllers easier to use (similar to the Behringer BCF2000 nodes we already made).

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1 - Real time info on the

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1 - Real time info on the patch ports like in Quartz by mouse-over or like Kineme's feature as an overall view.

2 - Faster editor and live-coding. Scrolling the editor is laggy and receive composition frame turns the fans on on my i5 2,5 4go ram.

3 - Options export feature in a preference menu. Like Quartz alouded it for the screensaver prefs.

4 - Screensaver export feature.

5 - OS X notification bar subscribe option to retrieve all info like iTunes songs.

  • And so many other things that makes Vuo unusable to me so far ...

  • Rss get is so slow :( 1 minute to get info where Quartz need 1 second.
  • Sort patch in library options like by name or last used
  • and so on

@monkey0815 and @DiGiTaLFX,

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monkey0815 and DiGiTaLFX, did you see the note about that at the top of the poll? —

In the list below, there are a few MIDI devices — since Vuo already supports MIDI, you can already use these devices. Vote for them if you'd like us to make all-in-one nodes that make these controllers easier to use (similar to the Behringer BCF2000 nodes we already made).

I used my write-in reply for

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I used my write-in reply for something else and couldn't add another one, but OSC output would be pretty crucial for me.

Specific MIDI devices are not so interesting to me. I would rather see the ability to create sub-compositions so the community could create their own implementations for specific devices.

Take the time to consider

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Take the time to consider GigE alongside USB Video Input. USB is obviously important but GigE will be better in many ways and we need platforms to start supporting this. If Vuo takes up the GigE challenge it will put it ahead of others and in turn will encourage other developers to consider accelerating its adoption.

Hi, @Bodysoulspirit. We

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Hi, Bodysoulspirit. We appreciate that you took the time to list out some specific issues. Rather than having those issues get lost in this device/protocol poll, I split off each issue into a separate thread:

Hopefully Vuo users will vote on features you're interested in.

By the way, this poll represents just part of what we're currently working on. By asking the community which devices/protocols they'd like us to focus on, we're not abandoning our work on the rest of Vuo; we're just trying to set priorities for some of the work we're doing.

Hi @smokris,

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Hi Steve,

Thank you for your answer and I apologize for the requests I could have submitted and that already are available in Vuo :( As you took the time to answer each point separately I will take the time to answer all of them separately too in each discussion.

I am aware of the fact that Vuo is a new born software and that it will grow in the feature. I also love what you guys have done so far. Quartz is dead for a while now, and without the efforts of Kineme and the Origami team it would have been dead for an even longer time. You guys make miracles. But improving a software and adding nodes to it is easier then creating a whole visual coding environment from zero. And that's what you guys are doing. And we really put much hope in you guys, because you are the feature of visual coding.

However some points in Vuo 1.0 disappointed me. Perhaps I was hoping to much from it for a first release. Some small bugs I encountered plus the fact that I was too much used to Quartz Composer it's UI made me closed it to fast, waiting for some next releases to try it again.

However, I'm glad to see some of your answers prove me I missed some already existing features that I will sure explore again !

Thanks Smokris,


@smokris Ah, no I didn't

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Steve Ah, no I didn't notice that. It just looked like small print. Who reads small print ;)

That said, I took the controller options to mean what you said, so still stand by my comment. Personally, I'd rather see Vuo push forwards in other broader areas such as video input, multi-touch trackpads etc that just aren't possible without converters right now :)

I absolutely would love to

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I absolutely would love to see VR get involved somehow. One of the newest things I'm trying to do at my company is utilize the Oculus Rift to some extent for making intense visual experiences to sell stuff and so on. The issue has been with time as usual and being able to quickly develop environments and interaction has been key. So not only do we have to work out technical issues quickly, we also have to constantly march through what our clients want as well. Vuo comes in so handy in these situations. Nodey programming + awesome things = tons of potential. Having said that I threw in a vote for the Oculus Rift! Also threw in votes for video input and track pad. Everybody wants those. :)

I would like to see an AVB

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I would like to see an AVB (IEEE 802.1BA-2011) standards implementation for uncompressed video over network. It is fairly new, so it hasn't been developed for a lot of applications yet. This will however be the next thing in video transmission and is backed by a wealth of large companies and organizations. From what I've heard, the only available implementation up to now is in healthcare video monitoring, and in some cars as a means of camera transmission. On the audio front it has started to get released in new products. It will require a new switch with support for it as it includes prioritized traffic, but this should also start to get more widespread now.