On the survey we conducted a few months ago, the Vuo Community's top request was for more graphics capabilities. Let's get specific.

We'd love to implement all of the graphics capabilities listed here (and we hope to do so eventually!) but this will take a lot of time, so we need your help to set our priorities. Some of these are simple and should only take a few hours to implement, whereas others could take months of work. Once we have the results, we'll try to schedule some of the most-requested graphics capabilities for the next few releases. This poll will be open for one week.

Please select the top ten graphics capabilities you'd like to see in Vuo:

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Glad to see GLSL on top . Its

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Glad to see GLSL on top . Its a great feature to use since you can do almost everything with shaders (generate visuals, blend modes, image filters, projection mapping...) i recently added a little glsl editor to my VJ app and its just great. its shadertoy.com compatible so you can copy and paste code from the website right into the app.

Reading this list is like

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Reading this list is like reviewing the hot topics in modern computer graphics. Very interesting. It is also interesting to see where my needs/dreams/wants and workflow sophistication line up with the pros. Great tool with lots of potential. Cool and growing community.

Ha. I may remember it wrong,

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Ha. I may remember it wrong, but I think when features were voted on over at kineme, live glsl code came in way towards the bottom. Funny how a year or so changes things!

This is "extra credit", but I'd really like for shaders to be expressed in a way that main can be separate from functions, if desired. It's pretty cool how some apps handle this so that you can have your utility functions in separate files, and also swap out your scenes, while keeping your main() consistent.

I'll also add that if support

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I'll also add that if support for quads and triangles is there, then bezier deformation isn't really worth spending time on, regardless of how high it is in the list here.

Soft Body support is more important than gravity, magnetism, etc. or the rigid body support, since those can more easily be done with math, whereas Soft Body is harder to achieve since all of the bodies have to interact with one another. Particle systems where particles aren't able to interact with one another tend to look weaker. Focal blur/dof is already easy by making a custom shader. My $.02

Interesting points in the

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Interesting points in the list to choose. Overviewed the Open CV and exporter functions, they are also on my wish list.

Personal thoughts, a focus on live edit (GLSL, LUA, Javascript), the export functions and Open CV in the next step would be great for all of us, while they are basics for individual creativity. Physic and Mapping features are also great, but for me they could follow later.

I hadn’t much time to work with vuo in the last time, but really like the improvements, the on going process and the development of vuo.