Export FxPlug for Final Cut Pro / Apple Motion, and FFGL plugins for macOS VJ software


Athens, Ohio, United States, February 28, 2020

Video producers and digital artists can now export custom video effects, transitions, and generators with Kosada’s just released Vuo Pro 2.0. These professionals can create exportable compositions by connecting Vuo’s building blocks together with virtual cables to create FxPlug plugins for Apple’s Final Cut Pro X and Apple Motion; macOS FFGL (FreeFrame 1.6+) plugins for such applications as VJ apps Resolume, Magic Music Visuals, VDMX, and Isadora 3; and macOS screen savers. Vuo Pro is priced at $299 and is available at vuo.org (https://vuo.org).

Vuo’s extensive node library (750+ nodes) includes many image filters, 3D object creation and manipulation nodes, and timing and logic nodes to make it possible to create truly custom plugins. Plugins created with Vuo can be freely distributed or sold, without needing Vuo installed on the end-user's system.

In addition to plugin creation, Vuo Pro includes nodes that support other video manipulation, including 3D stereoscopic rendering, fisheye cameras, projection warping, advanced image and 3D object processing, and Blackmagic input and output. With an initial release of Vuo 1.0 in 2014, the Vuo community has grown to include many creative artists and creative technologists, including VJs, graphic designers, exhibit builders, theater producers, and digital technicians.

The Vuo 2.0 release additionally includes a new free Community Edition for personal use and small organizations.

Kosada is an owner-operated company that specializes in developing desktop and mobile applications for Mac, iOS, and Android, and in developing web applications using Drupal. Kosada has long been a supporter of the multimedia community though hosting Kineme, a site for Quartz Composer users, and through developing Quartz Composer plug-ins.

For additional information:
Jean Marie Cackowski-Campbell
https://vuo.org https://kosada.com/
1 (888) 856-7232