mxfx_SphereDisplace_04 takes incoming image and Extrudes a Sphere using the image's Luminance values.

Vuo FX plugin for use in VDMX and Coge. Includes Published ports to map control data from host App. Ports include:

Distance (Controls Distance of Extrusion)

posX (X Position of Sphere)

posY (Y Position of Sphere)

posZ (Z Position of Sphere)

rotX (X Rotation of Sphere)

rotY (Y Rotation of Sphere)

rotZ (Z Rotation of Sphere)

scaleX (X Scale of Sphere)

scaleY (Y Scale of Sphere)

Composition and supporting files: 

Protocols: Part 2

Creating Image Generator and Image Filter compositions

Creating Image Generator and Image Filter compositions


Hi, this is Jaymie from Team Vuo.

In part 1 of this tutorial, you learned that a protocol composition has to have certain published input and output ports. This guarantees that the app running the composition knows exactly what information to send to the composition and get out of it. Each different protocol has its own specific set of inputs and outputs.

Image Generator protocol

One protocol for Vuo compositions is called the Image Generator protocol. The Ripple Image Gradients composition from part 1 of this tutorial was an Image Generator.


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