Voronoi cells (Shadertoy to screensaver)

Based on a Shadertoy shader ("Mathematically correct Voronoi cell interior distances and hence correct cell borders") by Inigo Quilez.

Thanks to Bodysoulspirit for the idea of turning Shadertoys into screensavers.

Here's the screensaver created from the composition using Vuo 2.0 (under development): Voronoi - distances screensaver.zip

Composition and supporting files: 

Exported App: 

Shadertoy Shaders To Screensavers Suggestions

Hi guys,
I think there are potentially on the web some folks who would love to export / use some Shadertoy shaders as screensavers.

As suggested by the team, to test this, I passed some license compatible shadertoys shaders to Vuo :

Composition and supporting files: 

Stochastic Camera Blur

Stochastic Camera Blur

Each frame, this composition renders the scene many times, moving the camera's location slightly each time, then blends all those images together to produce the output image.

This is one way to simulate camera blur / lens blur / depth of field.

Composition and supporting files: 







Image Generator Scenes. For use in Host apps such as Coge and VDMX. Contains a set of 5 Image Generator Scenes.

conctd_rndmPoints_1 connected_circles_2 connected_cubes_1 Connected_Grids_2 connected_spheres_1

Uses Karl Henkels co.parabox Node Set. https://vuo.org/node/2103

Composition and supporting files: 


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