Vuo 2.3.1 is a free update that fixes several bugs. Highlights include:

  • Fixed crashes when exporting compositions using custom nodes and subcompositions
  • Fixed issue where Vuo would sometimes forget that the Vuo Pro license had been activated
  • Improved Apple Silicon (M1/ARM64) compatibility
  • Added preliminary macOS 12 compatibility

Read on for all the details.

Built-in Nodes, Types, and Input Editors

  • Fixed crashes when sending and receiving OSC messages on Apple Silicon (M1/ARM64) (Thanks to @keithlang for reporting this!)
  • Fixed issue where Make Audio Wave’s triangle waveform was incorrect on Apple Silicon (M1/ARM64) (Thanks to @jersmi for reporting this!)
  • Fixed issue where Receive Mouse Clicks didn’t report clicks in fullscreen windows when the mouse was at the very top of the screen (Thanks to @pbourke for reporting this!)
  • Fixed issue where exported compositions might crash if they held open many files or network connections (such as NDI) (Thanks to @MartinusMagneson for reporting this!)
  • In Execute Shell Command, added support for accessing files in /opt (Thanks to @pbourke for requesting this!)
  • Fixed issue where Make Wireframe Shader rendered black (instead of the specified color) on AMD GPUs (Thanks to @Edwin van Steenbergen for reporting this!)
  • Fixed issue where some numbers in the color port popover wrapped to a second line
  • Fixed a memory leak when showing a Scene Object port popover
  • Fixed a memory leak when playing movies with sound
  • Fixed a memory leak when stopping/switching movies when Optimization = Random (FFmpeg)
  • Fixed issue where Sample Color from Image would output colors very-slightly-darker and very-slightly-more-transparent than the input image
  • Improved streaming reliability in Send RTMP Video
  • Updated to FFmpeg 4.4

Exporting Apps and Plugins

  • Fixed intermittent failure to export some compositions containing a Send OSC Messages node (Thanks to @wmackwood for reporting this!)
  • Fixed failure to export an app from a composition that is only compatible with x86_64 (Thanks to @cwilms-loyalist for reporting this!)
  • Fixed crashes and errors when exporting a composition that contains subcompositions, shader nodes, or C nodes (Thanks to @kdm and @vjsatoshi and @wmackwood for reporting this!)
  • Reduced sized of exported apps and plugins that use Play Movie by 12 MB

Vuo Editor

  • Trimmed down the “Set Data Type” context menu to show just the most common types by default
  • Fixed issue where pressing Escape didn’t discard changes for some input editor interactions
  • Fixed issue where numeric input editors didn’t allow typing out-of-range values after unchecking “Auto”
  • Added ability to exit fullscreen mode by pressing Escape
  • Fixed issue where the published port sidebars didn’t display after activating a protocol
  • Improved legibility of the shader issue list when in dark mode
  • Fixed overlapping nodes in File > New Composition from Template > Window > Image/Layers/Scene
  • Added workaround for issue on macOS 12 where, in Vuo CE, macOS would add a nonfunctional tab bar to the window
  • Added workaround for issue on macOS 12 where, when toolbar labels are hidden, the window title wasn’t vertically centered
  • Improved some français, español, and Deutsch translations and formatting
  • Reduced editor app size by 18 MB

Documentation and Examples

  • Fixed broken links to in documentation
  • Made trigger port names more consistent between Receive Mouse Drags and Receive Mouse Drags on Layer, and fixed outdated names in documentation
  • Added a workaround for a bug in MacHelp where it would sometimes open an older help book when multiple Vuo versions are installed
  • Improved the layout of the PDF manual’s table of contents, contributor list, and other tables

Vuo Compiler and Runtime


  • Added instructions to the SDK installer package