Version Files Release notes

Since the last alpha release, we’ve added several new features — USB HID input, OSC output, and the ability to drop files into composition windows — and made a bunch of performance improvements (particularly Play Movie, Fetch Image, and Sample Color from Image), and fixed several bugs.

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We made a few improvements since Vuo 1.2.0-alpha1 last week.

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Vuo 1.2.0-alpha1 adds 28 new nodes, fixes a lot of bugs, and significantly improves graphics performance and reduces CPU usage.

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Vuo 1.1.1 fixes several bugs…

  • Fixed List Serial Devices’s inability to detect USB serial devices (such as Arduino Uno) that identify themselves as USB modems. (Thanks to @robaiello, @MartinusMagneson, and @mnstri for reporting this bug!)
  • Fixed Get Leap Pointable and Make Targeted Spotlight outputting incorrect (“NaN”) rotations for certain inputs.
  • Fixed Get Pointable Values outputting incorrect rotations (90° off) in the Transform output port.

…and adds a feature:

  • New Configure Serial Device node, which allows setting the baud rate and other properties of a serial device. (Thanks to @mnstri for requesting this feature!)
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Vuo 1.1 introduces some major new features:

  • Added 4 ways to create movies:
    • High-quality offline rendering from Vuo Editor (File > Export > Movie…)
    • High-quality offline rendering from the command-line: vuo-export movie
    • Realtime recording of a running composition (File > Start Recording)
    • Realtime recording controlled by a composition: Save to Movie node
  • Added vuo.serial (serial device I/O) node set
  • Added Displace 3D Object with Image (Rutt-Etra) node
  • Added Calculate Amplitude for Frequencies (FFT) node
  • Added Sample Color from Image node
  • Added Capture Image of Screen node
  • Added Combine 3D Stereo Images node (Pro)
  • Added Save Image node
  • Added the ability to manually fire an event through any input port
  • Added the View > Canvas Transparency menu item with options to make the canvas slightly transparent or very transparent
  • Added the option to align nodes to a grid (View > Snap to Grid)
  • Added the ability to enter/view multiple lines of text within a text input editor.

We also fixed a ton of bugs and improved compilation speed. Read on for the details.

Vuo 1.1 requires OS X v10.7 or later. (Vuo 1.0 was the last release to support Mac OS X v10.6.)

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