Magneson's List Tools

The node set consists for now of eleven nodes (5 unique, and 2 sets of convenience nodes).

Sort with index

This takes a real-list as an input, and gives out a sorted list from highest to lowest number. More importantly it also spits out an index list of where the highest number exists in the input list. It does this in a highly inefficient manner mind you (at least I think so∞), so connecting it straight to an audio-rate node will choke your composition. Please see example for how to do so under somewhat safe circumstances.

360° image/movie viewer

View a 360° image or movie by dragging the file into this composition's window. Drag the mouse to look around. Scroll to change the field of view.

For best results, images and movies should be equirectangular panoramas (360° on the X axis, 180° on the Y axis).

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Paper Aphrodite Furry Einstein

More fun & games with the Lincoln 3D Scans by Oliver Laric. This composition takes four 3D models of famous people's heads and turns them into papery piñatas and furry chia pets.

Credit to Steve for showing me these effects, which I have shamelessly copied :) Also, since the original models are pretty huge, Steve kindly ran these models through MeshMixer and MeshLab to get them down to 50000 triangles.

Composition and supporting files: 

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