Copyright for exported apps & other features (Versions, About window)


For now, VUO allows to export a composition as an app in a click, which is great for people who doesn't have Vuo because they still can run the exported composition.

However, I believe that for the Vuo-ers (those who use Vuo ;)) to be able to use Vuo as an application creation software that allows them to distribute their crafted app, it needs some richer export features.

I'm not even speaking here about to code-sign stuff and to apps to be App Store uploadeable (I don't know the Apple AppStore Rules).

I'm just speaking here about some nice layout to protect the exported app a minimum:

1 - An revamped "About this App" window (See mockup below):

  • With Copyright.

  • Version Number.

  • Slightly resized Licence Information Text Box.

  • The License Text could/should perhaps mention "This Application uses ..." instead of 'this composition" as it is an application now ;)

2 - A Finder Application Information Window with Copyright and version (See mockup below).

I don't know how this could be done the best ? Perhaps when clicking "Export Mac App" a window could appear, inviting us to Add a copyright owner and an application version ?

I have read the Vuo FAQ and specially the part "What Can I do with Vuo" "How might the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL) impact what I create with Vuo?". If I correctly understand those points, this feature request should be in terms with that ?

I hope so because I love to export apps and I think it's a major Vuo feature for a lot potential users out there.

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