Replace all connected output cables at once

Hey guys.

Wouldn't it save much time if we could replace all the output connected cables from a node in ONE drag instead of reproducing the thing as often as there are connected cables ?

Happens quite often to me. In QC i would add an output splitter and connect the new node to the splinter but that adds an extra splitter which isn't the best in term of speed.

One way I could imagine this to happen would be by dragging a output cable onto the output port of the node you want to replace (see video below where the magenta "Make color layer" would connect to all the "Render layers to Image" nodes at once by replacing all the old cyan "Make text layer" cables) (Doing "A" would automatically make "B" on the image below).

May be another way of doing this but think this one's pretty handsome.

What you think ?

QC equivalent: 

Somehow the Output splitter but even better



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