Rainbow Feedback Spectrum

Rainbow Feedback Spectrum - Free VUO path and FFGL

Hi! My name is Lucas Garcias and I m part of the collective MOTUS LUMINA . I make this audio reactive patch and wanna share with the community ! Its a Audio Spectrum and you can go from monochrome to a rainbow with some feedback fx... You can control the device input, colors, feedback and size.

I share the comp and the FFGL to get back some of the energy the community give to me !

Composition and supporting files: 

Exported App: 

Use soundcard directly as an audio input

Currently when we wanna share a video or screencast of a live audio reactive composition we can either play the sound out to the speakers and input it in the microphone again (default macOS behavior) or for higher quality, use soundflower to use the sound card directly as an input, and change the input to sound flower in Vuo. But you need to go to system preferences and choose soundflower every time.

Would it be possible to change this directly in Vuo, to use the sound card directly, as an audio input beside "default" Do the same as soundflower but without soundflower ?

This will be mostly useful when Enable composition's "Start Recording" menu item to record audio will be implemented, until then, we can use Quicktime.

PS : I don't understand a lot about audio ;)



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