Shadertoy Shaders To Screensavers Suggestions

Hi guys,
I think there are potentially on the web some folks who would love to export / use some Shadertoy shaders as screensavers.

As suggested by the team, to test this, I passed some license compatible shadertoys shaders to Vuo :

Composition and supporting files: 

Code sign and notarize exported apps

Title says it all ;)

The ability to code sign exported apps, a little prompter that would appear when exporting an app.

PS : Any coder would know if technically the mac app store would allow Vuo exported apps to be uploaded ? Or is that against some rules ?



Moderator note: 

Updated title
Notes from Team Vuo

Vuo Pro: 

Yes — requires a Vuo Pro license


●●○○ — A few weeks of work


●●● — Opens Vuo to a new audience

Also exported screensavers.

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