Be able to set the initial value on an input port that has an incoming data+event cable

When you run the above composition and click on the window, the composition displays the coordinates of the point where you clicked.

What does it display before the first click? Perhaps surprisingly, it's Hello World! That's because Hello World! is the default value of the Text input port.

This feature request is to make the port's initial value visible somehow and to make it editable, so you can change it to something other than the default.

Currently, if you want to set an initial value, you have to add some extra nodes. For example, the below composition displays the text nothing yet until the first mouse press.


Using Vuo Image Generator compositions in VDMX

Using Vuo Image Generator compositions in VDMX

How to load Vuo Image Generator compositions and how to manipulate Vuo's inputs (published ports) from within VDMX


Hi! I’m Jean Marie from Team Vuo. Vuo compositions can be used in other applications. In this tutorial we’ll cover how to use a specific type of Vuo composition, one that conforms to Image Generator protocol, as input to VDMX.

OK, let’s get started. Here I’m using VDMX’s simple mixer template, and I’ve already moved the crossfader all the way to the left, so we are looking at the left screen. I’m going to drag my Vuo composition into a media bin. It takes moment to compile the first time, but after that it will be available right away.

Cursor aware node insertion (auto-wiring)

Origami has a nice feature that when the cursor is hovered over a port or a noodle it inserts some patches like math function mini-patches into the comp and automatically wires them to the port. So if the cursor is over an input port, the output of the inserted patch is wired to it. If the cursor is over an output port, the most relevant input of the inserted patch is wired to the output port of choice. This works for all the patches which Origami has made keyboard single-key [a-z] equivalents (where data types allow for noodle(s) to be created). Both the Origami stand alone app and the QC plugin have this feature.

Would be nice for Vuo to be able to auto-prewire, say math nodes or shared value nodes, into any selected or highlighted wires on the canvas by wiring the input and the output. And for other nodes, where it makes sense and the cursor is hovering over a port, prewire the inserted node to that port. This has the advantage of placing the node in a more relevant location too. If no port is hovered over the node should go wherever the cursor is located on canvas, as it currently does.

QC equivalent: 

Origami plugin does this.


Insert Shared Value node option in contextual menus.

I often use Share Value ports as a way of maintaining a 'presence' in that location of connections to the input/outputs to a node I'm about to delete. And also as a way of transferring static input values from one node to a new node (although the detachable constant flags feature request would solve that use case).

Also more conventional uses of just wanting to share a value with more than one node, it's a frequently used node. Be handy to just right-click the mouse/stylus on any port and have it inserted on the node or wire that has been selected.

UPDATE: I didn't realise one can already right click on an empty canvas location and create a Shared Value node in that location. So this FR would only improve on that by doing the wiring (and setting the data type where relevant) to the Shared Value output port (and in case of clicking on a wire the input port also) for us.



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QC equivalent: 

RightMouseCl Insert Input/Output Splitter ▶︎ [List of ports]


Menu item flag to hide the Node Library after a node is selected

Just like QC does it, i tend to have the Library detached and expanded widely so I can read the node info comments. It tends to cover quite a bit of my composition when open. Be nice for Library to disappear when we hit "return" to insert a node or successfully drag a node from the Library to the canvas for both attached and detached versions.

I'd have a toggling flag in the View> Node Library menu with a check mark for when this option is activated (rather than in Preferences). We can make our own shortcuts if required that way.



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