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    Thanks Jean Marie

    I see.

    I will have to work around this limitation for now.

    Is there a similar performance limit on OSC messages ?

    In general only six Lfo (or any variable input from VDMX) seems very limiting, would it be possible to improve this Vdmx-Vuo communication in the future ?


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    I tried your suggestions and performance didn't Improve, I did some similar test with a QC cube (see new preste in VDMX project) which runs fine with the same LFO input. Since I'm new to Vuo its hard for me to tell if I'm doing something wrong or if there is a general performance issue with Vdmx LFO data driving a Vuo comp. .


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    Hi All

    I just started using Vuo and I'm having some performance issues when i try to manipulate several parameters in my Vuo comp with a Lfo in VDMX.

    My performance drops from 60 fps to 30 fps when I start running the Lfo in my VDMX example project and sending values to the Vuo image generator.

    The Vuo comp is very "light" and should run at 60 fps.

    Any tips on how I can improve my performance ?


    -Piotr Pajchel