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1 year ago
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Alastair commented on Bodysoulspirit's Discussion, “Vuo redesign - Nodes

I realise the look of Vuo 2.0 is probably locked down now. But I'm going to make one more plea for consideration to the idea that Vuo shift input ports to inside the node and put the value print outs after the port label, the exact same way Origami Studio does. Drawers and extremely long values like font names could still be hung of the node (or make it optional).

My reasons are twofold: aesthetics/ease of visually parsing the general composition and optimal use of screen "realestate" or a more functional use of space.

When double clicking node inputs (or tabbing through them) to edit the value the input could pop out on the left or on the right of the label. I also prefer the node corner radius used in Origami Studio, and more generally, it is more functional and more sophisticated and professional looking than Vuo 2.0. Just copy it as much as possible, it copied QC after all… it works.

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Alastair commented on Philip's Feature Request, “Nodes to convert from Text to most other types

I think Vuo needs a scripting node, JS, Lua, Python or something like that. Makes data and state machine stuff so much less hassle.

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I think "chosen" for @teamvuo has typically implied chosen for the next release. Maybe a compromise is to make it chosen again after next major release :-) and hopefully it stays chosen until that release. Good idea, GeorgeToledo for an auto-firing 'performance mode'.

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Interested to hear the situations where it slows compositions down unnecessarily. Glad this FR is a step closer to being included in Vuo.