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3 years ago
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Alastair posted a new Feature Request, “Export Vuo projects as OFX plugins

Export Vuo projects as OFX plugins

OFX is an open standard for compositing software. BlackMagic Design's DaVinci grading/compositing software now has a couple of pretty advanced non-linear editing modes, and there's a free version of DaVinci that anybody can use.

I used Adobe Premier Pro and After Effects and would really like to be able to export plugins for those Apps too, but perhaps OXF is more accessible to the community given free version of DaVinci Studio. For plugin developers I expect that the Adobe plugin market is bigger than OFX so I'll FR that to and see what gets more votes.

here's a page of info about comping/editing tools that support the OFX plugin API. And OFX plugins and more.


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what's a good method for this common VFX task using Vuo?

this is a pretty standard thing to do in motion graphics and comping software. drawing a line starting at point A going to point B, with variable inputs for speed of movement of leading point of the line, length of the full opacity line, length l of the trailing edge of the line that gets opacity applied.

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yeah some of us used to hack QC text files with "find and replace all" to make global changes to compositions back in the day!

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Alastair commented on Magneson's Feature Request, “Execution time

a little bit similar to this FR (minus state):