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1 year ago
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Alastair commented on Philip's Feature Request, “Nodes to convert from Text to most other types

I think Vuo needs a scripting node, JS, Lua, Python or something like that. Makes data and state machine stuff so much less hassle.

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I think "chosen" for @teamvuo has typically implied chosen for the next release. Maybe a compromise is to make it chosen again after next major release :-) and hopefully it stays chosen until that release. Good idea, GeorgeToledo for an auto-firing 'performance mode'.

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Interested to hear the situations where it slows compositions down unnecessarily. Glad this FR is a step closer to being included in Vuo.

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Ok, got it, thanks, Jaymie.

before add the refresh wire, the Hold node does output a list. The list never changes if I hover on the output port or tear it off as a floating window (as you'd expect because there is no refresh). But if I move the mouse away and bring it back the output list has updated, and change the order. Weird, but academic I guess as it's not being used correctly.

This is an overly complicated construct to shuffle a list of values btw, I got it working eventually in another comp but it's so frustrating handling loops/iteration in Vuo I think it needs some deep thinking. I hope the FR to have all nodes handle lists natively will help, but there's the cases where you want to do something unique, it's never straight forward like it is in so many text programming languages, and even QC is easier to loop lists etc for that matter IMHO.