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3 years ago
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yeah some of us used to hack QC text files with "find and replace all" to make global changes to compositions back in the day!

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Alastair commented on Magneson's Feature Request, “Execution time

a little bit similar to this FR (minus state):

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No tricks, sorry, but I looked at auto-spacing the expansion of group sub-compositions in the video on this thread comment (like near a decade ago or something!):

p.s. I started with Basic too, reading the printouts of the source code for Adventure game and Start-trek running on mainframes got me into fortran and pascal soon followed (real functions and line numbers became optional, Yay!!).

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Every app I've made, the first request from the user is always, "Can you make it so it opens in the same place as when I closed it like every other Mac app." It's a real pain having to add all the nodes necessary to achieve this and it is really spoiling my enjoyment of the product.

this says it all.