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2 years ago
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I guess i'd go further and say the idea of this feature is simple "macro" (in QC terms) not a linked file. All the code is within the parent Vuo file. It's just for making graphs more readable and to reduce Editor screen redraw time when running the comp — especially in debug mode or with value printers showing.

Collapsed macro/Sub-Graph:

Expanded macro/Sub-Graph:

PDF of these two images which you can edit in AI if you have it installed. Sub-Graph Demo p3 copy.pdf

Video visualising and explaining the expansion and collapsing geometry with my reasoning. Sub-Graphs-ii.m4v

All this is from Sept 2011 and not particularly polished as far as node look goes, more about the expansion/collapsing. The wires have three types, values (solid line), events (dotted) and lambdas (dot/dash lines) which in 2011 was a very exciting idea/prospect that Vuo team were hypothesising about. Lambdas are common in functional programming languages and in Vuo is the concept of nodes outputting 'code' not just 'values' to be passed to other nodes which then executes the code on data (or more code!) available at other input ports.

I also worked up ideas and QC prototypes for sub-comps that would be window in window and you could pan inside the frame to see the full extent if they didn't fit all nodes in the size of box you had. I guess that means either fixed subgraph box sizes or user adjustable frame size for the macro nodes in expanded view.

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I definitely have asked for this (and even prototyped it in QC in pre-alpha Vuo days because the team didn't think pan within the sub-graph frame it was a good idea at the time), not sure if I made an individual FR though, will search for it.

Here's a Keynote Presentation I made on the issue, it doesn't playback the audio on more recent Keynotes (gotta love Apples work on KN don't you regressing QC comps and a bunch of other stuff), so I've exported as QT movie.

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I used to use small expression patches with the Freeboard/Keyboard patch for multiple instances but just needed on Freeboard patch with multiple noodles coming off it. I guess it just depends whether you desire multiple Freeboard patches or multiple expression patches in a QC context. Expressions are smaller nodes is all I would say in favor of that method. Probably it's no big deal either way, don't use Vuo enough to have an opinion either way.

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I'll have some time over the next week (after election campaigning on Climate action) to check it out. I have a few interesting datasets I've been wanting to get into Vuo. I tend to use CSV out of spreadsheets but it's easy enough to use GREP to XMLify them.

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The way Kineme QC Freeboard patch worked was to output state of all the modifiers. Then you made your own logic gate customised to whatever you needed. Would such a set-up translate to Vuo?