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3 years ago
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Alastair commented on keithlang's Feature Request, “👽 Space-out nodes

Good suggestion/FR.

To be considered alongside the FR for dragging node over a cable to wire it up and insert new node from library into the selected wire(s) between the two nodes at each end of the wire.

Also I made a video animation years ago for moving nodes so that ‘window in window’ sub graphs could expand into the graph. It’s on that FR I linked to previously today about sub composition types. (Typing on my phone so challenging to link up references)

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I Forget if there’s a canonical way to get a 2D value out of a shader but couldn’t you export an image of 1x 1 pixels and code the Red and Green values to be X and Y oair?

Or export an image of X,Y dimensions so that the bottom right pixel in image is your target pixel?

In QC we had the OpenCL node and another one for image processing and tracking blobs for computation on the GPU. Maybe there’s something open source that can be written in C to be co-opted here?

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Alastair commented on keithlang's Feature Request, “'If True, Else' Node?

Thanks Bodysoulspirit I wasn’t aware of those updates making compilation on the fly a thing. I’ll have to learn some C one of these days. There’s a lot I wanted to do in WC but never learnt Obj C to do it. And it had JS and Lua as a rough hack.

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Alastair commented on keithlang's Feature Request, “⏮ Spacebar to fire all, um, Fires 💥

Do you know how many years it took to convince Kosada that spacebar for panning the graph was worthwhile 😊 and that dozens if not hundreds of other apps use that paradigm, so maybe it’s useful even if it’s “modal” to some extent?

Still waiting for spacebar + command for zoom in and spacebar + command + for zoom out like dozens of other apps I’ve used.

I’d be happy with one of the other modifiers to me used. What’s the worst thing that can come of firing all fire at start nodes? Performance issues mainly I think? Control key hood be fine by me. Or dual assign the spacebar to pan and fire or let users assign a fire key in preferences. Team Vuo don’t seem keen to add many preferences to Vuo thoihhh. It has very few for a coding app.

Note, here’s been quite a few feature requests around the problematics of firing events during testing or updating shared values and mode unit values. Maybe search through FR for some of them.

Fire node on manual/user changes to any input value is one I made. I think it’s now included? I don’t use Vuo much these days but about to get back into it and see if I can ween myself off QC which I find much easier to conceptualise and be creative with as InStyle think in that language not so much in Vuo even though i do try from time to time.

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Alastair commented on Bodysoulspirit's Feature Request, “Be able to export subcombs as .vuonode

yes Magneson, the talk of C code made this conversation a bit ambiguous to me at times also :-)