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3 years ago
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How does one smooth value changes in a list, say a list of (X,Y) positions?

I recall writing a Javascript patch to do this in QC using math for the standard QC Interpolation curves.

Is it possible to do this with a Process List node and have the node run through all the values, all the smooth nodes are stateful, so I'm thinking I need to do it with an unstateful node like Curve which can perform the calculation each frame on successive point data for start position, end position, time, transition duration… does this sound right? Or can it be done with one of the Smooth patches or Crossfade inside a loop?

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How does the Re-fire Event command determine where the event actually fires from?

It is not obvious to me how Vuo works out where it will trigger an event(s) from with the Re-fire Event command. At different stages of building a composition I will see the animation of a firing event on a different node when I hit CMD+"T". COuld only find two mentions of Re-firing Event in the manual and this detail wasn't covered even in passing.

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Thanks for the attention to this problem Xavierdev and Magneson. This exchange helped me to understand some things about Vuo that are not immediately obvious!

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Looks like you don't, you build a new list and pull items from another list with the Get Item from List node. See this thread

Still yet to get nodes that will wire together and do it though.

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Thanks Chris, discovered the popups but didn't notice the Revert during the moments when I was pondering this.

I still think it's a barrier to learning that copied nodes don't revert to generic.

It's hard enough with the opacity of some ports refusing to connect to others for no apparent reason for the novice user to have to throw in the wildcard of 'maybe it should connect but you haven't learn about datatype resetting'