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Yes, we've checked and this is a permissions issue. It will require iTunes-specific nodes, such as requested for Read iTunes playlist.

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Jean Marie commented on Jean Marie's Composition, “Scrolling Text with Motion Blur


I'm not sure I understand what you are asking. The composition text repeats indefinitely in the composition as posted. In VDMX there is also an option for looping in the text rendering window.

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Thanks, carlitos. We've opened this for community voting.

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Glad it worked. Closing this bug report.

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Jean Marie commented on Paul's Discussion, “iMouse in ShaderToy shader


Glad your issue is solved. As the node documentation mentions, to mimic the way the Shadertoy website handles interaction, Mouse is Pressed input needs to be provided. Receive Mouse Moves only fires an event when the mouse is moved, not with every display refresh.