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Jean Marie commented on carlitos's Discussion, “a grid of buttons


This previous discussion question, "How can I create an array of independent buttons" explains the problem and a workaround.

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Jean Marie commented on Paul's Bug Report, “Movie playback and audio issue


We've reproduced this behavior, and have accepted the bug report.

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Jean Marie commented on jersmi's Bug Report, “Crashes on waking from sleep

We've accepted the bug report. We've recently seen similar behavior ourselves and investigated the problem. We plan to include a fix in the next release.

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Jean Marie commented on MatthewDougherty's Discussion, “meshmap/warp fisheye

for the spec of the meshmap file it indicates the first value can be 1 or 2. The value one is panorama, two is fisheye imagery. In the vuo warp fisheye module, does it process #1? Does the first value alter the xy-uv processing? Is the first value actually used for something besides metadata tag?

Paul Bourke wrote the spec for this format: As far as we know it's just metadata; in Vuo, at least, its value doesn't affect the rendered output.

Is there a way to put a comment line in the file? for example, '#' in column 1?

The spec doesn't include a way to add comments.

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Jean Marie commented on Motus Lumina's Feature Request, “Update for unsupported ISF FX

We're opening this up for voting, so the community can help us gauge interest and prioritize implementing it.