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Are you checking to make sure an event enters the Share Value node after you change the Width value? Here's a simple composition that shows that. If that's not your problem, can you provide an example that doesn't work for you?

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Jean Marie commented on Teo's Feature Request, “More tint colors needed


We think that better work flows around sub-compositions and comments on the canvas (whose backgrounds can be tinted 10 colors), both coming in Vuo 2.0, might mitigate the need for additional node tints. Would you like us to open your proposal for voting, or wait until you see how Vuo 2.0 might work for you?

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The TLRemoteCamera is no longer available in the App Store. Instead:

  1. Connect your iPhone and Mac to the same wireless network. It's often more reliable to configure your Mac to create its own network, to reduce contention among multiple devices. Go to the Airport menu > Create Network, and connect your iPhone to it.
  2. On your iPhone, go the App Store, and install EpocCam.
  3. On your Mac, go to and download the driver for your Mac, and install it. You may be asked to restart your Mac.
  4. Run EpocCam on your phone.
  5. In Vuo open a Receive Live Video node. Click on the device input port, and check the EpocCam device. Connect that node to an image-processing or image-rendering node, such as Render Image to Window, and run the composition.
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This is not a bug. On nodes that have one input port and one output port (like Fetch Image) we show the input port label, but not the output port label, so one port of the node is labeled. On nodes where there is only one input port and multiple output ports, you don't really need a label, since you can get the input type from the documentation if you don't know it. On those nodes we omit the input port label to keep the node an uncluttered as possible.

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This will be fixed in the next release, Vuo 2.0.