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Have you looked at the Became True node?

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A VJ and graphic artist use Vuo, we released Vuo 1.2.8, and Karl ventures north

Hello everyone! We have two recent spotlights on how a VJ and graphic artist incorporate Vuo into their workflow, a small Vuo 1.2.8 release, and a change in Vuo's development team.

Spotlight: VJ MEKANIX

In our recent spotlight, Azy, a Los Angeles VJ, talks about his work, his creative process, and making unique Vuo image filters and image generators to use with VDMX. A frequent Vuo contributor, he's added several of his daily experiments, which he calls 1ups, to the Vuo Composition Gallery.

Spotlight: Graphic artist Luiz André Gama

In this spotlight, Luiz André Gama, talks about using Vuo to create unique visual effects consisting of beautiful and bizarre recursive images, as well as figuring out how to use Vuo's 3D nodes to alter photographic images.

Vuo on Instagram

Both Azy and Luiz André post to instagram, as Azy and Luiz André, respectively. You can follow Vuo on Instagram at vuoflow, or with the tag #vuoflow.

Vuo 1.2.8

We’ve just released Vuo 1.2.8 — a free update if you’ve purchased any previous Vuo 1.2.x versions. This release improves the Detect Audio Beats node by adding support for detecting 175–250 BPM and 220–320 BPM. Thanks to Marco Kaspar (marcozora) for funding this. The release also fixes a few community-reported bugs. See the release notes for details.

Karl Henkel leaves the Vuo development team

Karl Henkel, who has been part of Kosada's development team since 2012, has accepted a job with Unity Technologies. Karl is the developer of Parabox plug-ins for the Unity game engine. Seeking greater integration, Unity Technologies brought his plug-ins in-house. Karl is thrilled about this new relationship and is mastering French in preparation for a move to Unity's Montreal location.

In addition to his Vuo development work, Karl created some personal Vuo nodes he's shared with the community. He writes, "My time at Kosada was amazing. If I had to pick my favorite part of the job, it would without a doubt be the people. Everyone I worked with was passionate, caring, and just all around great persons. The community as well was a pleasure to interact with as well, and I’ll certainly be keeping up with all of your creations in the Vuo gallery!"

Good Luck, Karl, or should we say, "Bonne chance dans votre nouvel emploi."

The remaining developers, Jaymie, Melissa, Jean Marie, and Steve, continue to work on the next Vuo release. We're making good progress, but we're not yet ready to set a date.

Jean Marie
Team Vuo

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Jean Marie commented on alexmitchellmus's Feature Request, “OpenCL node

There is a related discussion on Deprecation of OpenGL and OpenCL.

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When you start a composition, the Fire on Start node fires an event. When the composition is running, you can right click over the Started output port. You will see a popup window that includes the option Fire Event. This option will allow you to manually fire another event from this node. I find manually firing events from the Fire on Start node a good way to see how some changes I've made to the composition will affect the result. Hope that's helpful.

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Jean Marie commented on zimocracy's Bug Report, “VDMX/VUO

The VIDVOX folks have some documentation on using Vuo in VDMX at