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Jean Marie commented on MatthewDougherty's Discussion, “cameras

If you use Make Perspective Camera and set the FOV to 180 degrees, is that the same as fisheye?

No; the geometric projections are different — Vuo's perspective camera uses a rectangular frustum, and Vuo's fisheye camera uses a spherical sector. (A rectangular frustum can't actually go quite all the way to 180° since it becomes degenerate.)

If you re interested in greater-than-180° rendering, see the feature request, Render scenes to equirectangular panoramas and cube maps.

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Just for clarification, Vuo has two types of select nodes, such as Select Output (2) and Select Output (Boolean). The documentation for the first says, "If Which is 1 (or less), it selects Option 1. If Which is 2 (or more), it selects Option 2." The documentation for the second, "If Which is false, it selects False Option. If Which is true, it selects True Option." The type converter Convert Boolean to Integer documentation: "Outputs 0 if the input is false or 1 if the input is true."

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We're glad Azy and mic provided some guidance. We're not exactly sure what a stage is in Isadora, but here are some additional discussions and compositions you might find helpful:

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Vuo's Fetch Scene node defaults to repeating textures since that's what 3D mesh authors typically expect, but the Change Wrap Mode node can change it to clamp or mirror.

The texture size limit is imposed by the GPU (not Vuo) — see OpenGL Driver Monitor > Monitors > Renderer Info > OpenGL Limits > Textures > MAX_TEXTURE_SIZE; for OpenGL it's typically 16384 but may be less on some GPUs; see also Metal Feature Set Tables > Maximum 2D texture width and height.

Some applications automatically scale down textures that are larger than the GPU allows. Currently Vuo doesn't do that; instead it refuses to load such textures. (If you're interested in that, or other ways of processing textures beyond the GPU limits, feel free to create a feature request.)

We'll look into adding information on texture size limits to the documentation.

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Jean Marie commented on keithlang's Discussion, “Improvements to Find feature

We're converting this to a discussion since it touches on multiple potential feature requests. Feel free to create feature requests for individual improvements as noted in the previous comment.