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We appreciate you sending the crash report, but we weren't able to diagnose this from the report. Is this happening reliably for you? If so, can you send us the composition and the nodes you were trying to package when this happens?

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Jean Marie commented on keithlang's Feature Request, “CoreML integration


Just to begin with, Core ML currently has 6 very different model types. Our goal with Vuo is to keep nodes understandable and task-focused. We think this is too broad for a Vuo feature request. Can you submit requests for specific things you'd like to be able to do using ML? We have several requests for tracking in images: Camera tracking, Tracking blobs, that seem similar to the types of things you might want to do with Core ML.

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We're currently working on making Vuo run natively on ARM-based Macs, but haven't yet gotten to the point of testing FxPlugs. Apple hasn't mentioned that in their documentation or made a public statement about it. We'll know more after further testing.

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Jean Marie commented on dee's Discussion, “Streaming Video from You tube

Does the composition crash or hang? If so, please send the information in How do I make a helpful bug report. If not, it may be a buffering problem, but we don't know how you could diagnose that.