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    adeveloper commented on Team Vuo's Feature Request, “Load and play animated 3D meshes

    Preferred asset formats for us (highest priority 1st):

    1. dae (Collada, industry standard for asset exchange)
    2. ma (Maya, ASCII)
    3. fbx (Autodesk)
    4. 3ds (3DS Max)
    5. obj (Wavefront)
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    Needs to be combined with ability for user to set ALL paths used by Vuo (System/User/Project/Module /Build/Products/Framework dirs at least) in Preferences menu. All of Vuo's current (fixed) paths are completely wrong for our systems.

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    'Provide higher-level nodes that encapsulate bigger tasks'

    Hierarchical composition is a must for ANY creation tool or language (visual or textual). This fundamental requirement is blatantly missing in Vuo. Compositions with more than 20 or so nodes quickly become unwieldy. At the moment Vuo, to its detriment, manages to hide its actual object-orientated basis.

    The Lambda suggestions are useful too but may come afterwards if too complex to implement at the same time. Perhaps they should be a separate request?