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Good to hear, I don't use eGPU but I do have a TB Sonnet expansion chassis for my BM cards. As I said Apple have always done their own thing so who knows how the GPU thing will play out. As I write I'm on a OpenCore OSX86 machine with Radeon RX 580 8 GB which works well for a non-production machine, its my next MBP I would be more worried about. Also the wish for a mid range affordable rack mountable machine has never come to pass, instead of 4U practicality Apple have always designed themselves into a corner with odd shaped boxes which either weigh a ton or are difficult if not impossible to upgrade. Saying that generally my Apple laptops / desktops last 8-10 years so amazing value over time.

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2bitpunk posted a new Discussion, “Another movie player (Vuo primer)

Another movie player (Vuo primer)


I needed a super simple movie player to preview HAP encoded files using a quick drag and drop method.

Vuo makes this easy with it's default nodes so I thought I would share the composition for new users as a basic composition example. The composition uses drag and drop, movie player feedback and window display properties and is organised in a logical way to help users get started.