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Rotate an object in increments continuously


I would like to rotate a cube between 0 & 360 degrees but at increments of (for example) 45 degrees and have it animate between the values.

Currently I have a list with each increment, but when it goes from 360 back to 0 again it animates "backwards". What I want is it to look like an endless loop so it goes back to the beginning seamlessly.

If I use a Curve node from 0 - 360 set to Loop it gives the desired continuous loop but not the incremental rotation.


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Joëlle posted a new Discussion, “Draggable Camera in VDMX

Draggable Camera in VDMX


Currently if I have a Draggable Camera in Vuo and import that comp into VDMX, the zoom in / out works on my mouse wheel / trackpad when on the Preview Plugin and on the Main Output window. It would be cool + useful if I could drag around the scene like I can in Vuo. Ideally dragging on the Preview Plugin as then you wouldn't see the mouse in the Main Output. Is this something that would be supported? I can add a different camera of course but it's quite nice having the Draggable type of control within VDMX itself.

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ariam Very useful thank you!