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Joëlle commented on Jaymie's Discussion, “Plan for next releases

I was never a QC power user so a lot of the areas that George mentioned above I personally didn't use or never build from scratch - I was that person that used a lot of George's Core Image patches and shaders :) I have found some things such as cameras and native 3D object support that QC lacked, one of the areas I've loved about Vuo. Vuo 2.5 will bring a lot of missing things I think a lot of us are missing such as iterators and I can't wait for particle systems too!

I actually find the ability to colour code nodes very helpful to visually group things, and to colour code the notes too, however it's an interesting point raised that in QC you knew that purple nodes had a certain function and blue nodes had a certain function and this was useful to learn and distinguish. Perhaps there is another way to signpost this, I don't know. But when I have lots of nodes in the UI, being able to visually group them by colour is super useful and I have sort of created my own colour coding system. There are also so many little UI improvements that I appreciate that speed up my workflow such as the ability to reorganise the order of published input ports without having to republish then (unless I was missing something super obvious in QC lol) and things like the feedback patch which in QC made my computer crawl to a halt.

The one thing I do miss a lot and this has been fed back from another ex QC user is macros - the ability to "group" patches and then publish up to the parent. But I have gotten used to sub comps and they work just fine but this was something that was a bit of a switch to get used to. But maybe this is also part of accepting that Vuo is it's own app and us QC users need to shed some previous ideas about what it "should" be.

As a sidenote I've been working a lot in Origami Studio this week and noticing some similarities :D I wonder if some inspiration has been taken from there as having not worked in Origami for a while I'm finding it easier now that I have a bit more Vuo experience.

I found that in early 2020 Vuo was robust enough for me to make the full switch from QC which I was dreading, I would LOVE to eventually dedicate some time to creating up to date and recent video tutorials, I get a lot of requests for these as the lack of recent learning materials is a blocker for a lot of people I think not coming from QC especially. But we all know how much time this sort of thing takes and it can't be on the Vuo team to create these.

We just need to be a little more patient though I can understand some of the frustrations above - there is nothing like Vuo out there - the next option in my mind is something like TouchDesigner which cannot integrated with eg. VDMX / Resolume - that workflow is special and unique and Vuo will is still perhaps a teenager but once a little bit more grown up I think will be super powerful and adopted widely once we can build up a good catalogue of learning materials.

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Jean Marie thanks so much for these, so cool! Sorry for the late replies - this gives me a great foundation along with BSS ones

Yah the parametric one is super hypnotic, love it!

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Animate objects in a list / grid individually & sequentially


I'm trying to build a grid of objects, and then animate each object in that grid individually, I guess with a wave node. I've created a frankencomp from various bits I found on this very old post but the cubes in the grid are flickering. Tried many things but again this is an instance where I'm fundamentally not understanding how to utilise the build list and process list nodes - esp. when it comes to animating the objects in the list.

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Thanks guys! The comp Bodysoulspirit is great as I get that audio reactiveness that I'm after. Thanks also for the comp Jaymie, I can see the effect there and it's useful to see this solution. BSS is right in that I'm after a bit more obvious audio reactivity but it's good to see both approaches as was stuck :)