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Thanks Bodysoulspirit for the Open and Drag Apps, I will definitely play around with those. :)

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Make Slider Theme: Handle Border - Should be outline not solid


Vuo version: 

OS version: 

  • macOS 12

CPU architecture: 

Intel x86_64

How severely does this bug affect you?: 

●○○○ — Not much; I'm just letting you know about it.

Steps causing the bug to occur: 

  1. This is minor but, could the Slider Theme Handle Border be an actual border rather than a solid? I was trying to make the Track and the slider Handle color transparent leaving just have the handle border itself visible.
  2. The intent was to have a TicTac shaped loop slide over a colour gradient; what was visible in the transparent area of the loop was the colour being selected. (See attached image)

Have you been able to reproduce the problem?: 

●●● — Yes, the problem occurs consistently when I follow the steps above

Have you found a workaround?: 

There are other ways to sign the interface it just won't look as slick. :)


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Thanks for the input Alastair, for now I think I am going to have a button launch the Font and have a text field in the GUI beside it that I can write my font choice in. Most certainly not an elegant solution, but for now I think it might work. I think this is something worth exploring getting a GUI node for. I will look into your suggestion on using a shell script though.

But you're right not having a native UI tool for fonts or one that can build a drop down menu for selecting form that list is problematic. I really hope this gets added soon.

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Font selection from list for use within composition - Is this even possible?

I am trying to make a GUI that allows for some customization of the text output in a second window; so I'm wondering if there is a way to have Vuo make a list of all available Post Script fonts on a system for use inside the running composition (not the editor) so a user can select a font they want to use from a list somehow? Kind of like how Photoshop (or any other application) that works with text will give you a list of available fonts and allow the user to pick the one they want to use.

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That sound great! Looking forward to it.