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Hi Jaymie, I'm just looking into wether any changes to the barcode node, as requested above, might be making it into the next update? While I'm still months away from our next ceremony where I'll being using it again, I just wanted to avoid the same issues I ran into last summer with it misreading the data under certain conditions. Thanks.

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Any known issue with VUO under High Sierra 10.13.2?

Hey, I hadn't upgraded my main VUO system to High Sierra since it was running fine under Sierra. However due to the recent hype about the Spectra and Meltdown security issues and potential slow downs I thought I would ask how well VUO performs under OSX 10.13.2, are there are any known performance issues over OSX 10.12.x?

My main VUO system doesn't HAVE to stay online, it just makes some things easier.