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Wow that's an interesting idea Unicode! Thanks. I just reworked your composition quickly to be connected to make use of the built-in mic on my MacBook and while it isn't displaying the correct frequency I'm playing off my tone generator it IS displaying a fairly stable reading so I think it could be tuned to display the correct reading with some calibrating!

I will admit I didn't get much farther in this project as one of my kids ended up being a close to a musical genius with the clarinet and caught up the the class in only 3-4 weeks worth of classes and my other one is doing alright with the trumpet as well, so the urgency of the project kind of fell away. It is however still an interesting idea so I may keep working on it using your idea. Thanks so much!

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Or an accompanying Vuo App for your phone or tablet where if it's attached to the same network and running the App the on-screen the Library disappears and is instead open on your phone. You can just swipe and select your node without taking up any screen real-estate. ;)

Just dreaming. :)

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Visual Electronic Music Tuner - Little Help?

Hey everyone, I've started working on a little personal project at the moment. My kids both recently started up at a new school and they are both taking music classes for the first time ever. One is playing trumpet and the other clarinet; since the rest of the students have a year or two lead in practice I was hoping I could maybe build them something in Vuo to help them out a little. What I was thinking was to make them a Visual Electronic Music Tuner that would show them the note they were playing and give them visual feedback on how close they are to the note they are trying to play.

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You can right click on any input that has been previously used for a specific data type and select "Revert to Generic Data Type" to make it able to accept different data types again.

Also if you left click on the input it will tell you in a pop-up window what type of data is currently assigned to it.

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I just found this.

The Logitech C920 only provides 30fps at 1080p with applications that supports H.264 directly, and can pull in the H.264 stream directly from the camera. The C920 does on-board H.264 compression, but most applications don't support pulling the compressed stream straight from the camera; instead, they have to decompress then re-compress the stream, dropping the framerate.

Does that sound right? Does VUO support H.264 camera streams?