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Chris, you need quotes around part of the XPath expression — replace /diplomas/program[code=scan] with /diplomas/program[code='scan'].

Thanks Jamie! This worked, looks like it's going to do what I need it to do. Fantastic work!

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I may be misunderstanding how to use the Find Subtrees using XPath node. I've created an expression that I thought would allow me to find value code and it's sibling values fullname and school but it isn't working like I thought it would.

The way I want it to work is to search by the program code and return with the fullname and school values that are it's siblings.

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Great!!! I'll try it out as soon as I can! I'll try and set some time aside tomorrow to do that. I'm away next week so I'll really try and squeeze it in. This is amazing!

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@Jaymie, It's a little different than I was thinking, the Blender video link shows pretty much how I was thinking it could work. Functionally I guess the two methods might be the same. Will a composition-local sub composition like that also be precompiled the way a regular sub-composition is? If so, there is a potential performance improvement doing it your way over the way I was thinking.

I think my main concern with sub compositions stems from my experience so far with them. I've found they sometimes don't work how I think they are going to work. For instance I will take a specific set of nodes out of a working composition, make them into a sub composition and publish all the inputs and outputs I need to use, place my newly created sub-composition back in my main composition and it won't work anymore. However if I copy those same set of nodes and place them back in the main composition and reconnect them functionality returns. (Either I'm not understanding how they work or it may have something to do with how events flow... I guess I was thinking that grouping a set of nodes the way Blender does it would be a simpler procedure than the process of making a sub composition and things would continue to work the way I expected them to.

Ideally the way I would LOVE to see it work would be to group them the way I was suggesting and once things are working correctly you could right click the group and save that as a sub-composition that could be also used in other projects. Maybe a right click menu with "Save Group as Sub-composition" and "Save and Replace Group as Sub-composition".

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Yes the "Chosen to be implemented" Status is great and appreciated information!

I was thinking though that some of those features are much longer term projects and that a short list just to identify which of those items are planned for the next immediate release would be helpful, both for current users and potential users. I understand that sometimes it may not be clear whether a feature will be ready in time for an upcoming release but that the list just shows the features that are pretty much a sure thing. I'm sure everyone still like the occasional surprise slipped into the next releases too. :)