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    Something that has become a more standard part of UI is a toast-style notification. (see example)

    I could see this as a useful piece of the Vuo UI. You see these kind of notifications in Figma, for example.

    In the case of this thread, it say a popover already exists. Of course, I think in this particular case the best UX is to spawn another popover. But in general, it would be handy to be able to have Vuo issue non-blocking warnings.

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    keithlang commented on keithlang's Feature Request, “Popovers for selected cables

    Thanks Jean Marie, as always. I'm not sure which the 'additional suggestion' is?

    If it RE: 'if you attempt to reopen a popover that's already open, nothing would happen.'—it's the 'nothing would happen' part that seems odd to me because a user action that has no recognition from the system is, in Human Interface terms, unresponsive. It's a small point though, happy to concede it. 🙂

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    keithlang commented on keithlang's Discussion, “Node Completion

    Thanks Alastair

    Perhaps this could be wrapped into something that includes a compact Fire on Start.

    'Sandpaper' is one metaphor, but I think it's more crucial. Without input to some nodes (often at the beginning of a composition) the entire composition won't do anything. But there's nothing in the Vuo app that would indicate that there's anything wrong…the Composition Loader will happily launch and display black.