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Jaymie commented on Magneson's Discussion, “GLSL shader error

Well, it depends if the shader is giving you the correct/expected graphics output. That warning can be harmless in some cases and indicate a problem in others. Specifically, it indicates that the gl_Position value may not be getting calculated correctly.

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Thanks for reporting this problem, Paul. We are able to reproduce the crashes with a similar setup to what you described.

It's not clear yet why having the Receive Serial Data node in the composition prevents the crash (or makes it much less likely). The proximate cause of the crash involves the Configure Serial Device node. Once we fix the crash, we'll see if anything else bad happens if the composition ignores the incoming serial data.

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Jaymie commented on Paul's Bug Report, “Serial ports - find by name not working

You're connecting to a device named Arduino (www.arduino.cc) Generic CDC and searching for port name Arduino. The reason it doesn't work is that Find Serial Devices by Name uses wildcard matching and requires that the search term matches the full text of the name. So you should be able to find your device by changing Find Serial Devices by Name's Name to Arduino*.

I can see how this would be confusing (I didn't immediately spot the problem either). There is a good reason for it being implemented the way it is, with the full-text wildcard matching: if you have two devices, one having a name that is a subset of the other one's name, then Find Serial Devices by Name can distinguish between them. Since it's not directly a bug, I'll close this bug report, but make an internal note that we could clarify the documentation or port name.

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Jaymie commented on Joe's Composition, “Recursive Random Tree 3d lines

Is the attached version any faster? At least on the M1 Mac we tested on, the reason your composition ran slowly was that the OpenGL function used by Make Line Strip Mesh was weirdly sluggish. Restructuring the composition to use Make Triangle Mesh instead sped it up so it ran smoothly. (Eventually the problem will be avoided when we move Vuo's graphics to Metal, still in the works.)

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I can't speak to the Blender side, but on the Vuo side receiving Syphon should work.

Another option might be to run Blender fullscreen on one monitor and Vuo on another, and use Vuo's Capture Image of Screen to pull in the Blender output.