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Jaymie commented on Team Vuo's Feature Request, “Add support for Xbox One Kinect (Kinect V2)

In Vuo 2.2.0 we added a Receive Kinect v2 Images node.

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This was really quick to implement, so we went ahead and added it in Vuo 2.2.0.

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The about menu and some other controls are localized in Arabic !

In System Preferences > Language & Region, is Arabic above English in your list of preferred languages? If so, then that is the expected behavior. Although Vuo itself doesn't provide an Arabic translation, these menu items and buttons are translated automatically by macOS.

If Arabic is not above English in your preferred languages, then this is a bug. If so, to help us troubleshoot, could you provide more info, such as a screenshot of your System Preferences > Language & Region settings (both General and Apps if on macOS 10.15 or later) and your macOS version?

There are a lot of missing standard nodes

That composition was created with a much older version of Vuo (looks like 2013-2014). To update the composition so it can be used with recent Vuo versions, you can open it in Vuo 0.9 and re-save it.

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There is a Vuo bug to be solved, not sure it happens for you, but does for me, where every 3 times I open the font window to select a font Vuo crashes.

Fixed in Vuo 2.2.0.

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Jaymie commented on Alejo's Bug Report, “Big Sur AVFoundation not found

Fixed — Vuo 2.2.0 supports macOS 11.