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+1 to Magneson's suggestion. If you can test in some other Blackmagic capture app besides Vuo, even better. That would eliminate one variable.

If for some reason you can't get both cameras working in the same composition, another option would be to have one composition receive from the barcode camera, decode the barcode, and send it to a second composition (via OSC, or by writing text to a file).

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Magneson, do I understand correctly that, as the input moves from 0 to 1, you'd like the curve type to change smoothly and gradually from Linear to Exponential / Easing In to Easing Out?

For Linear to Exponential — The formulas being used now include Linear = x, Quadratic = x^2, and Cubic = x^3. So my first thought is to make the new formula x^n, where n is a function of the input value. At 0, it would be x^1 (Linear). At 1, it would be x^10 or something like that. Would that work for you?

For Easing In to Easing Out — Easing In makes your outputs bunched up near the start time, while Easing Out makes them bunched up near the end time. Would halfway between Easing In and Easing Out be no easing (outputs are evenly spaced and not bunched up anywhere)?

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Joe, I've converted your question to a feature request.

Related: Node set for skeletal tracking with Kinect.

We did a cursory test of NI mate 2.14's "Kinect for Windows 2" sensor. In "Basic" mode (with hands disabled), it outputs the attached 27 points. Not sure why it's excluding Chest and Pelvis and including some fingers, but that would be something we'd need to look at more closely when implementing this. Unless you happen to know.

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innlight75, if you go to Tools > Open User Modules Folder, this is what you should see:

Does it look exactly the same on your computer?

If so, have you already restarted Vuo? You'll need to relaunch Vuo for the subcompositions to be available.