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Yeah, the current Filter Skeleton node uses NI mate's "Basic" OSC mapping, which is just positions. NI mate also has a "Basic + Orientation" mapping that includes rotations. In your composition, maybe you could calculate the rotations from the joint positions using Make Quaternion from Vectors.

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@jstrecker commented on @ou's Feature Request, “Tracking blobs

@ou, I've turned your question into a feature request, since Vuo doesn't currently have any blob tracking built in, and that would be a great addition.

In the meantime, you may be able to use some external software that tracks blobs and sends OSC data to Vuo. One that I have heard of, but not tried myself, is KVL_Kinect_Tracker.

To implement a blob tracking node in Vuo, we're considering integrating a piece of software called OpenPTrack. Since OpenPTrack can output UDP messages, an alternative to this feature request would be Send and receive data via TCP and UDP. It would be more general-purpose (support communicating with other things besides OpenPTrack) but would mean you'd have to handle the UDP messages from OpenPTrack within your Vuo composition, rather than having a node that converts them to tracking data for you.

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Well, the Hold Value can't go between Receive OSC Messages and Filter Skeleton, because Filter Skeleton can't skip any of the messages. (NI mate sends a series of messages for each frame. When Filter Skeleton gets the whole frame, it emits an event.)

The earliest point where you could insert a Hold Value is after Filter Skeleton. The reason I didn't suggest putting it there is because you'd have to put a whole bunch of Hold Value nodes, one for each output of Filter Skeleton. Anyway, it's probably just fine to put the Hold Value a bit later in the chain. The math and list stuff just after Filter Skeleton probably isn't as performance-intensive as the graphics stuff at the bottom.

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@jstrecker commented on @Kewl's Discussion, “Other audio sample rates than 48 kHz?

@Scratchpole, the user manual for the UA-25 says you need to set the Advanced switch to On in order for the sample rate switch to have any effect, and then you have to disconnect and reconnect the UA-25. After that, does it work in Vuo?